¡Hola amigos!  We're the guys behind  (working title) , and  The Mad Sailors .   Originally another cookie-cutter cafe with a dreary menu, Afterwit was inspired by an afterthought of pairing Mexican-influenced fare with an indie cafe experience.  Given a dearth of halal Mexican options, Afterwit has established itself as a cult favourite among those with a penchant for spicy flavours, or looking for a sweet spot to chill out or do work.   So come to Afterwit and share our love for all things Latin and caffeine.
 Here at Afterwit, we live to eat. That's why we pour passion into every ingredient we choose, and prepare it in our humble kitchen like it's for our loved ones - which means you get a tangy Mexican-influenced taste with every bite.  And how can you forget a little sugar with all that spice? From punchy mocktails to house-made dessert tacos, there's enough of that sweet sensation to go around.
 Here at Afterwit, we're a young and passionate bunch who aim to be the  numero uno  food cartel on the block.  Everyone in the team is versatile enough to take on any duty – being the effervescent front of house, brewing a mean cup of coffee or whipping up the tastiest tacos just for our  amado  customers. It ain't easy when you want to be on top, but that’s the reason why we’re so close-knitted.  If you think you’re  loco  enough to be part of our  familia , drop us an email at ask@afterwit.sg. Get ready to put on the sombrero and do the samba with us!